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Quick – how much did your camera cost? Not the lenses, just the camera body? For many of you, it was over $1000. Add just

If you’ve ever flown to New England in September, you’ve heard it. Everyone’s talking about ‘The Foliage’. I first encountered the audibly-capitalized phrase after

It happens every October. Sometimes you see Tweetie Bird, or Darth Vader’s head. There may also be a vacationing penguin, complete with shades and

“Politics and poker, politics and poker Shuffle up the cards, and find the joker…” Tom Bosley in Fiorello! Architecture & Ruins – Like Politics

There are several million undocumented migrants traveling south right now. They do it every September, some for thousands of miles. Many stop to rest

Universal Advice From An Older Brother It was 1973, and I was a high school senior. I’d written my brother for advice on courses

The Best Lens May Be Manual Focus Only Yes, you read that right. There are many times when autofocus doesn’t cut it, particularly when

Gimmicky Light and Strange Angles = Photographer’s Story A recent post on photography site touted color techniques for striking portraits. The opening shot

On The Hunt – He raised his equipment slowly. When he saw he hadn’t spooked his quarry, he got ready. Making sure his left

You’re prepared to photograph wildlife (See last week’s post Wildlife Photography – 6 Degrees Of Preparation for more on getting ready). So where do