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Gimmicky Light and Strange Angles = Photographer’s Story A recent post on photography site touted color techniques for striking portraits. The opening shot

On The Hunt – He raised his equipment slowly. When he saw he hadn’t spooked his quarry, he got ready. Making sure his left

You’re prepared to photograph wildlife (See last week’s post Wildlife Photography – 6 Degrees Of Preparation for more on getting ready). So where do

Grizzly clacking teeth, Jasper National Park, Alberta Skip The Equipment – Do Your Homework First Beyond gear choices, these 6 tips will greatly increase

Go when it’s storming. That’s it, mostly… Craggy, snow-topped mountains loomed around us as we headed further north into Canada on BC Highway 5.

Early Morning… Rain Your alarm goes off at 4:30 am. You hop out of bed, excited to shoot in some great morning light –

Nights Are Getting Warmer – Get Out There Spring brings warm weather most places – no more frigid night-time conditions or ice to slip

Hunger – The Universal Motivator Most migrant birds are starting to return to their summer territories. Why do they come back? Food. Those summer

As a beginner, my photographs were terrible. In black and white film I developed myself, subjects were too far away, or I crammed too

Everybody shoots them. Intense colors you get twice a day, unless you’re stuck inside working. You’d like to capture them, yet for one reason