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If you’ve ever flown to New England in September, you’ve heard it. Everyone’s talking about ‘The Foliage’. I first encountered the audibly-capitalized phrase after

Three Days Up An unexpected event left us with a great house in Montana – and a need to travel 1200 miles fast, through

Montana was calling. I was a 6 year-old kid when my father lost the 1962 election for Missoula County Attorney. I had enjoyed most

Get rid of the sky – or shoot a lot of sky. That’s it, mostly. The good news – we were in the gorgeous

Go when it’s storming. That’s it, mostly… Craggy, snow-topped mountains loomed around us as we headed further north into Canada on BC Highway 5.

You discovered the first three keys to a vacation that doesn’t suck last week. Now it’s time for the final four, and some resources

Perfect Easter Calorie Burns Easter isn’t quite the eat-fest of Christmas, but if you’ve overindulged in Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies, these two hikes

As a beginner, my photographs were terrible. In black and white film I developed myself, subjects were too far away, or I crammed too

Everybody shoots them. Intense colors you get twice a day, unless you’re stuck inside working. You’d like to capture them, yet for one reason

Sick of Winter? If you’re living on the U.S. East Coast right now, you may be sick of winter. While daytime highs make it