The Story Beyond The Picture

Many of us look through virtual store windows like little kids staring at video games. We salivate over new stuff, sweaty hands on credit

Packed In Summer Yosemite National Park is most people’s vacation of a lifetime. All the superlatives apply to the favorite park of John Muir

Eating food and photographing it are two different things. You know what tastes good, but how do you get it to look good?  

We got up at 0-dark thirty for an early flight from San Jose, California to Albuquerque. After the usual wait-in-your-socks routine at the gate,

  So what do you do after Canyon de Chelly? Our next stop was Albuquerque, and that pretty well dictated our route from Chinle

I was riding shotgun with an eye for rural scenery when the gently rolling fields and Rocky Mountain backdrop told me ‘full stop’. “I

Radiopopper‘s JrX promises 128:1 manual flash output adjustment with wireless triggering. For most professional and semi-pro photographers on location, that’s a big deal, especially

I knew what to expect at Mesa Verde. This was the first major ruin site rediscovered in the U.S. Southwest, and it’s been a

Radiopopper’s JrX promises remote flash control with any hot-shoed camera. It uses UHF frequencies to avoid the line-of-sight requirements of optical remotes. But there

Chaco. To students of U.S. Archeology, that word means 4-story stone buildings before the Spaniards came to America, Great Kivas that witnessed ceremonies we