The Story Beyond The Picture

Six inches of rain slashing down in a day, with huge walls of wind at 40+ MPH. I love it. Blue Is Boring –

Planning a military campaign? Then you’ll understand what our last few days have been like. Do-It-Yourself Destination Wedding Planning I’m getting married in 8

First, a quick poll: How many of you would enjoy a few hours photographing a cool new food product? OK, how many of you

It’s 5 AM, and the sun will rise out of the weeds in another five minutes. So far, I have a northern harrier on

There used to be a few givens for wedding planners. You set the date. Then you line up the hall or church, and a

I met Will Loney at a friendly back-yard barbecue in mid-July. We started talking about his acting in community theater, and before I knew

Before World War II, steam was the only available way for railroads to move freight and passengers. Diesel locomotives replaced steam in the 1950s

Photographer William Henry Jackson walked behind Kin Kletso and clambered up Chaco Canyon’s North Mesa in 1877. He named previously-overlooked¬†Pueblo Alto for its lofty

Earl Morris & Aztec Ruin Archeologist Earl H. Morris supervised excavation at Aztec Ruin during 1917-1934. You might say he was Aztec Ruins –

Salmon Ruin sits above the San Juan River between Farmington and Bloomfield, New Mexico. Draw a line between Pueblo Alto in Chaco Canyon and