The Story Beyond The Picture

It didn’t go off as planned. Albuquerque’s International Balloon Fiesta attracts tourists and hot air balloons from around the world. You’ll see everything from

Gallup isn’t most travellers’ destination. Great as a jumping-off spot for trips to Chaco Canyon‘s Anasazi ruins, it’s usually a town you pass through

Nevada contains a lot of empty, but if you’re crossing between California and Arizona, it’s brief. Once over that border in Arizona on I15,

Say ‘Las Vegas’ to most people, and they picture the glitter of the Strip, jingling jackpots, and croupiers hauling chips off the board at

Most of the continental U.S. has been manicured, bulldozed, replanted, or developed. The lower 48 states look nothing like what their first explorers saw.

Photographers shoot wildflowers for different reasons. Some love the bright color splashes. Others enjoy crazy-colored carpeting extending into the distance. And some wait for

Golden Gate National Recreation Area is well-known for the beautiful landscapes it protects. Whether you’re walking along Ocean Beach or enjoying the peacefulness of

Quick, name California’s most-visited national parks. Let’s see, there’s Yosemite. Sequoia. Kings Canyon. Wait, aren’t those two the same park? No? Death Valley. And

Talk to most rock jocks on big walls at Yosemite, and they’ll tell you they honed their climbing chops at Castle Rock State Park.

It’s three stories straight down. Yes, you’re tied in to the belayer’s rope, and you’re attached to a separate rappel rope with a brake