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Why you’re out there – Winter sunrise at Hardware Ranch Wildlife Management Area, Utah Better Living Through Chemistry I had a chemistry set when

From part 1 – Did you remember where you left the camera case? Avoid dropping your flash into San Francisco Bay? Good – you

I really hate being a packhorse. But when I shoot wildlife, travel, ruins, or interiors for a client, I need heavier equipment. More of

You’ve probably been to at least one of these. A harried photographer scampers everywhere with cameras and flash, attempting to capture every picture the

Cameras without SLR mirrors aren’t new. From Oskar Barnack’s first Leica in 1913, photographers have wanted small, light cameras and lenses to reduce their

Early Morning… Rain Your alarm goes off at 4:30 am. You hop out of bed, excited to shoot in some great morning light –

It’s tough to get close enough to skittish ducks or shy ground squirrels for frame-filling portraits. Bald eagles especially seem to want you at

Beginnings A book of gorgeous photographs. Your new son’s gurgling smile. Your trip to Alaska. Something gives you a burning interest in photography. You

Forget  Kit Zooms For The ‘Creamy’ Look You’ve photographed everything with the kit zoom lens that came with your dSLR or mirrorless camera –

Leica M-lenses on Fuji X-cameras – you’ll get good high-ISO performance, sensor self-cleaning, and auto white balance that works. You’ll also have a dedicated shutter speed dial, and good sharpness out of an unfiltered crop sensor. But you’ll give up the Leica’s rangefinder focusing and easy in-camera correction for corner challenges with wide-angle lenses. Still, the Fuji’s cost is six to eight times less than a new Leica M typ 240.