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(Updated from last year’s Turkey-post.) It can be harder than deciding who to vote for. Should I put it in… or should I pull

Desert. To most of you that word calls up images of sandy desolation, no water, and no life. If you’re a meteorologist, it means

I can shoot that picture in one lens, Tom Before usable zooms, a common question was how many lenses you needed to shoot most

“Hmm… 60-100% chance of rain in Cloudcroft this weekend.” We’d been planning a getaway in the mountains around Cloudcroft, New Mexico that would be

Wildlife don’t understand human civilization, especially in southern Missouri. They’re just trying to find food, shelter and a mate at certain seasons. Roads are

Everyone disrespects Amarillo. For most, it’s someplace you speed through between New Mexico and Oklahoma. But there are a few reasons to stop and

Want to find out where the petroglyphs are? Use this easy form to contact me for a workshop or full-blown photo tour. Bring the

Advantages to Early Mornings My wife’s early airport departure got me up and gave me an opportunity for some morning wildlife photography. In California

When I’m wearing multiple cameras and lenses in public, folks usually ask what camera is best. But the better question is, how do you

Shooters Should Smile When the Weather Is Bad Massive snow / ice storms snarling traffic. Torrential winter rains across the Southwest and California. Arctic