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It’s the partyin’ time of year. Some companies schedule holiday parties in January after the season is officially over, but it’s a fair bet

Usually you have an ‘oh wow’ destination in mind on your travels – a big mountain, amazing cavern, desert ruins, sculpted landscape. But a

He’s at it again. Every year, he tells friends this is the last time, but his front yard and house are always amazingly festive

I really hate being a packhorse. But when I shoot wildlife, travel, ruins, or interiors for a client, I need heavier equipment. More of

You’ve probably been to at least one of these. A harried photographer scampers everywhere with cameras and flash, attempting to capture every picture the

Strange Behavior? Maybe your dog likes to run circles around you and your kids. Or she nips at your heels if you’re moving too

You can choose the Super Bowl, or you can choose the Grand Tasting at the Taos Winter Wine Festival. That’s a no-brainer for us

Forget  Kit Zooms For The ‘Creamy’ Look You’ve photographed everything with the kit zoom lens that came with your dSLR or mirrorless camera –

It didn’t go off as planned. Albuquerque’s International Balloon Fiesta attracts tourists and hot air balloons from around the world. You’ll see everything from

Quick, name California’s most-visited national parks. Let’s see, there’s Yosemite. Sequoia. Kings Canyon. Wait, aren’t those two the same park? No? Death Valley. And