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Turning at Another Little Brown Sign Utah had been frying on our way up, so we took a cooler route through Wyoming on our

I can shoot that picture in one lens, Tom Before usable zooms, a common question was how many lenses you needed to shoot most

Stieglitz and Sky Abstracts Alfred Stieglitz isn’t nearly as well known as his artist wife Georgia O’Keefe, but he was a giant of early

The Best Lens May Be Manual Focus Only Yes, you read that right. There are many times when autofocus doesn’t cut it, particularly when

Cameras without SLR mirrors aren’t new. From Oskar Barnack’s first Leica in 1913, photographers have wanted small, light cameras and lenses to reduce their

Leica M-lenses on Fuji X-cameras – you’ll get good high-ISO performance, sensor self-cleaning, and auto white balance that works. You’ll also have a dedicated shutter speed dial, and good sharpness out of an unfiltered crop sensor. But you’ll give up the Leica’s rangefinder focusing and easy in-camera correction for corner challenges with wide-angle lenses. Still, the Fuji’s cost is six to eight times less than a new Leica M typ 240.

Say ‘Las Vegas’ to most people, and they picture the glitter of the Strip, jingling jackpots, and croupiers hauling chips off the board at