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I can shoot that picture in one lens, Tom Before usable zooms, a common question was how many lenses you needed to shoot most

I really hate being a packhorse. But when I shoot wildlife, travel, ruins, or interiors for a client, I need heavier equipment. More of

Quick – how much did your camera cost? Not the lenses, just the camera body? For many of you, it was over $1000. Add just

Using Skis Is So 20th Century You could strap on two boards and point them downhill. Or you could do it with just one.

A lot of what’s printed about camera lens choices is garbage. Some will tell you the so-called kit lens is limited or poor quality,

Talk to most rock jocks on big walls at Yosemite, and they’ll tell you they honed their climbing chops at Castle Rock State Park.

It’s three stories straight down. Yes, you’re tied in to the belayer’s rope, and you’re attached to a separate rappel rope with a brake

The pro mountain bike race season is officially open. Monterey, California’s Sea Otter Classic is the first event of the pro racer’s calendar. You