The Story Beyond The Picture

Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight, right? Conventional wisdom says use a long lens for wildlife – at least 400mm, and longer is

Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight. This advice from the old West is still good, especially when you’re photographing wildlife. Sandhill cranes For

My first engineering job was at National Semiconductor back in 1978. I had a huge interest in analog design, having built my own preamp

It’s the partyin’ time of year. Some companies schedule holiday parties in January after the season is officially over, but it’s a fair bet

There are two types of subjects, those that talk back and those that don’t. While the talkers can be important family or event invitees,

Shooting in the dark is easy. Just put the camera on the tripod, set ISO 12000 and a 30 second shutter speed at f/16,

(Updated from last year’s Turkey-post.) It can be harder than deciding who to vote for. Should I put it in… or should I pull

Desert. To most of you that word calls up images of sandy desolation, no water, and no life. If you’re a meteorologist, it means

Setting up for a holiday picture is easy. Just get out the camera, put it on a tripod, line up the family, set the

I admit it – I’m a Leica user. Yes, it can be an expensive addiction, but you’re buying something much more durable than a